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A Division of LST Industries L.L.C.
625 Humble Avenue, San Antonio TX 78225
Phone: (210) 696-6300

Plating & Metal Finishing Equipment and Rectifiers
Used Rectifiers

The Enviro Solutions Brand Line of Rectifiers have the following characteristics:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Robust
  • Clean Design
  • Compact
  • Air Cooled Transformers are dipped in lacquer and baked to seal and protect the transformers.

Options available are:

  • 220 or 440 input
  • Saturable Core Reactor or Tap Switch

The 1,000 ampere at 12 volts up to the 4,000 at 12 volts are housed in the same cabinet. Units are available for copper, nickel, chrome, plating as well as e coat and anodizing of all types.

Sizes available range from laboratory units to multiple banks of 10,000 amperes all synchronized with remote controls.

Pricing starts at under $4,000.00 for 1000 amp 12 volt 220 or 440 machines.

If you place an order for three units or more 3,000 amperes and higher, We will pay 50% of the freight bill to your facility any where within the Continental US. More high quality new metal finishing and waste treat equipment is available upon request.

These units are usually in stock in San Antonio, Texas, and if not, they are available 4 weeks after approved order and deposit are accepted. 50% with order, 50% on delivery.